Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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April 25, 2017

I was on the verge of moving on from #dogurineart.

True, it’s a blast taking photos of patterns made on the sidewalk by anonymous dog urine.  True, I finally have a subject that actually makes blogging enjoyable.  True, dog urine art gives me an opportunity to be irreverent, silly, funny, etc. while simultaneously providing me with a perspective from which I can express viewpoints on art,  and also explain and document my artistic process.

But I was feeling like maybe dog urine art had just about run its course…

My dear friend Susan and I were walking along East 89th Street yesterday.  To my surprise she told me she was enjoying the dog urine art! Now Susan is a sensitive artist with a refined esthetic, and an exemplary human being. OK, maybe I put her on a pedestal.  (She has a touch of kinkiness too!)  If Susan can see the artistry as well as  the irony, then maybe others will as well as time goes on.

Anyway we noticed a fresh example that stood out with a pleasing curvy shape and small protrusions. I was ready to keep walking, but Susan said, look at that.  We looked and marveled.  Dogurineart gets to live another day.

Susan in Italy.

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